Proton Improvement Plan-II


The Proton Improvement Plan II, or PIP-II, project is an essential upgrade to Fermilab’s accelerator complex to enable the world’s most intense high-energy beam of neutrinos for the international Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment at LBNF, and a broad physics program, powering new discoveries for many decades to come.

PIP-II features a brand-new, 800-million-electronvolt leading-edge superconducting radio-frequency linear accelerator that will enable the Fermilab complex to deliver more than a megawatt of beam power to LBNF, upgradeable to multimegawatt levels. Its novel technologies, coupled with a flexible and highly-capable design, will enable high-power beam delivery to multiple experiments simultaneously and customized beams tailored to specific scientific needs.

Using this exquisite tool, scientists will pursue an extensive suite of particle physics experiments, including searches for new particles and new forces in our universe.

The PIP-II project exemplifies the global nature of particle physics. With planned contributions from research institutions in India, United Kingdom, Italy, France and Poland, PIP-II is the first U.S. Department of Energy accelerator to be built with significant international contributions, pioneering a new way of doing major accelerator projects in the U.S. The project’s international partners bring world-class expertise and capabilities in accelerator technologies and established track records in participating in major international accelerator projects.

The PIP-II accelerator solidifies Fermilab as a global destination for research into the neutrino, one of the most fascinating particles in the universe.

The project is scheduled to be completed in 2028.