PIP-II report for April 27, 2018


  • The Governor General of Canada, Her Excellency Julie Payette, visited PIP2IT on April 26th.
  • David Longuevergne has been appointed as the IPNO Technical Coordinator.
  • Initiated preliminary design cycle for transfer line dipoles and quadrupoles.
  • Interface Control Documents are being created for HWR, Cryo Plant, Cryo Distribution System, Conventional Facilities.
  • Cryo Plant Building Requirements Proposal Received.

ESH&Q (Teri Dykhuis, John Anderson)

  • Concerning the Wetlands Non-Jurisdictional Determination, the USACE POC is targeting June 1st to deliver an official response.
  • During the upcoming Wednesday call (5/2) with the PIP-II EA contractor, Arcadis, we will discuss how to go about a survey for the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee, an endangered species, as of 2017.  Arcadis was to contact the USFWS to get their recommendations on how to best approach the survey.
  • CF Manager and Project Scientist provided input on the DRAFT EA Chapters 1 and 2 that contain the Purpose and Need, Proposed Action and Alternatives.
  • A new PIP-II EA Project Timeline was issued and distributed to FSO and PIP-II ESH&Q Manager.

Project Management (Marc Kaducak)

  • Job requisitions for Procurement Manager and Procurement Administrator are now in process.
  • Budget requests for FY18 collected from L2 managers. These requests will shape our work plan for the next 5 months.
  • RLS development for the cryomodules and warm front end was kicked off this week.

Technical Integration (Arkadiy Klebaner, Paul Derwent)

  • Finalizing development of the Systems Engineering Management Plan and Design Reviews Plan
  • Working with L2 managers to define CD2 Design Readiness Plan
  • Development of Design Deliverables Document for CD2
  • Requirements Verification and Interface Control Documents work proceeding
  • Development of Preliminary Design Report

International Coordination (Steve Holmes, Lia Merminga)

  • Activity descriptions for next round of short-term India/DAE visitors transmitted to DAE for review and comment.
  • Proposed roster for next round of long-term visitors received from DAE.
  • Final modifications to 650 MHz/40 kW RF Amplifier Technical Requirements Specification (TRS) received from RRCAT. Ready for DAE approval.
  • Proposed modifications to SPC list received from DAE.
  • David Longuevergne has been appointed as the IPNO Technical Coordinator for the PIP-II project.

SRF and Cryo Systems (Allan Rowe, Genfa Wu)


  • ANL is working on establishing electrical power connection for new 7kW 162.5 MHz TOMCO amplifier.
  • HWR magnet current leads assembly will be tested for possible vacuum leak at Fermilab.
  • The HWR ICD is in a review cycle at Fermilab (all responsible L3s and leading Engineers received the draft copy of the HWR ICD).


  • Qualified SSR1 cavity S113 and S114 with low power RF coupler at STC.
  • Cavity S111 received the vacuum-end high power RF coupler (CPI-05) at MP9
  • Cavity S113 is at MP9 to receive the vacuum-end high power RF coupler (CPI-01)
  • Qualified two CPI vacuum-end high power RF couplers (CPI-01, CPI-03) on the RF test stand, at room temperature, with 10kW power in full reflection mode.
  • Procurement of 6 vacuum-end couplers was approved. First two units are expected by mid-June.
  • Design and drawings of lifting tooling for string assembly are completed. Next: procurement
  • Process for procurement of thermal shield and cooldown warm up line for the coldmass was started.
  • Lab 2 cleanroom: working on the preparation for the qualification/certification.


  • Four contributions about SSR1 activities will be presented at the IPAC18 conference next week. D. Passarelli, V. Roger, J. Holzbauer will attend the conference and participate at the poster session.
    • Preparation and Qualification of Jacketed SSR1 Cavities for String Assembly at Fermilab. D. Passarelli, P. Berrutti, S.K. Chandrasekaran, J.P. Ozelis, M. Parise, L. Ristori, A. Rowe, A. Sukhanov, FNAL, Batavia, IL 60510, USA (WEPML015)
    • Design Update of the SSR1 Cryomodule for PIP-II Project. V. Roger, S. Cheban, T.H. Nicol, Y. Orlov, D. Passarelli, Fermilab, Bavatia, IL 60510, USA (WEPML019)
    • Tooling Systems for the Assembly and Integration of the SSR1 Cryomodule for PIP-II Project at Fermilab. D. Passarelli, F. di Ciocchis, M. Parise, V. Roger, FNAL, Batavia, IL 60510, USA (WEPML014)
    • Testing of SSR1Production Tuner for PIP-II. J.P. Holzbauer, D. Passarelli, Yu. Pischalnikov, Fermilab, Batavia, IL 60510, USA (WEPML005)
  • SSR1 Cavities
    • Cavity S114 qualified with Low Power Coupler (LPC) in the STC
    • Cavity S111 has been prepared for High Power Coupler (HPC) testing at STC next week
    • Cavity S109 will be the next to be processed at ANL (light BCP+HPR)
    • Cavity S113 is at MP9 to receive vacuum-end coupler
    • Cavity S112 (fully qualified for string assembly) is stored in the cleanroom at Lab2
  • SSR1 Cryomodule
    • We will receive the HWR current leads from ANL around the 8th of May.  Visual inspection and leak test will be done. Then a decision will be taken about SSR1 current leads.
    • Procurements: The thermal shield is out for bid. A quote for the flexible hoses has been received, drawings need to be modified to match the quote. The quote will be given to the procurement group early next week.
  • Lab2
    • HHPR and tooling were successfully used to fully process a cavity.
    • Sanitization of DI water system was performed and completed on Tuesday.


  • Began reconfiguring LB650 schedule for CD2.
  • VECC generated new mechanical model of the 5-cell cavity to withstand all load cases.


  • Prototype cavity niobium material procurement kick-off meeting held between Saravan and Chuck Grimm. Raw materials drawing packages and niobium specification to be reviewed, and chosen next week.
  • Cavity RF and multipacting simulations were discussed. Existing multipacting simulations were not based on the final design, nor to the cavities being tested experimentally. Simulations to be performed with these parameters now.

Cryogenics Plant

  • Working on CryoPlant ICD ED0007569
  • Met with safety systems to discuss Cryoplant building ODH Assessments need by dates.
  • Met with Cryoplant Manager to discuss TRS and RDS.

Cryogenics Distribution System

  • Continued work on ICD completion.

Accelerator Systems (Paul Derwent)

High Power RF

  • We have unofficially approved a version of the 40kW, 650 MHz amplifier TRS and have instructed our SPC to circulate it among RRCAT management for approval.

Magnets/Power Supplies

  • We initiated preliminary design cycle for the transfer line dipoles and quadrupoles.

Linac Installation and Commissioning (Fernanda G. Garcia)


    • PI2IT continues to make progress on increasing the beam power and simultaneously dealing with peculiarities of many devices.
    • The PIP2IT work will have a strong representation on the upcoming IPAC’18 meeting in Vancouver, Canada next week. A total of 4 abstracts were submitted related to Warm Front End PIP2IT. Team worked on finalizing papers and presentations this week.
    • This week the facility was visited by the Governor General of Canada, Julie Payette on April 26 and by Swiss Embassy on April 27.

swiss embassy

Test infrastructure

  • Progress continue with the prep work for the installation of the cryo transfer line piping that runs outside the PIP2IT cave. The northern run was installed by riggers on April 28.

Conventional Facilities (Steve Dixon)

  • A/E Acquisition Plan Corrections Underway – A meeting with DOE was held on 24APR18 to go over the comments and present the strategy for A/E conventional facilities procurements.  The technical corrections have been made and Procurement will address the contractual comments with a goal of returning the acquisition plan to DOE the week of 30APR18.
  • Interface Control Documents Created – The first pass at the conventional facilities interface control documents were created and loaded in TeamCenter.
  • Cryo Plant Building Technical Meeting – A meeting was held with the L3 for the Cryogenics plant to outline the status of the design and the anticipated schedule for the design and construction of the Cryo Plant Building.
  • Cryo Plant Building Requirements Proposal Received – A proposal for the development and documentation of the technical requirements for the Cryo Plant Building necessary for the design of the Site Prep package.  A req was created and is being circulated for signatures.
  • GPP Strategy Meeting – A meeting with FESS was held on 25APR18 to discuss candidate general   plant projects (GPP) that could impact PIP-II.   Several projects and scenarios were developed that require further investigation.