PIP-II report for June 1, 2018


  • PIP-II risk workshop scheduled for July 12-13, 2018.
  • Initiated first final design review using the PIP-II Systems Engineering Management process.
  • Purchase order issued for first phase of the Cryo Plant Building design.
  • Received draft geotechnical investigation report for review.


ESH&Q (Teri Dykhuis & John Anderson):

  • Response is expected imminently from the USACOE on the Wetland Jurisdictional Determination for the Fermilab site.


Project Management (Marc Kaducak):

  • Worked with the Fermilab procurement department on “Procurement 101” training materials that will be used for labwide training, including the PIP-II team.
  • Continued progress on the resource loaded schedule, advancing the areas of cryomodules and project management.
  • Secured the services of Prof. Keith Molenaar (U. Colorado) to facilitate the PIP-II risk workshop scheduled for July 12-13, 2018.


Technical Integration (Arkadiy Klebaner):

  • Advancing the Interface Control Documents developments: L2 – 75% and L3 – 70% completed.
  • Assisting with design deliverables definition.
  • Developing Systems Configuration Documents.
  • Initiated a design process for beam energy matching between the linac and Booster during Booster injection.
  • Processed the second Design Change Request for the HWR cryomodule.
  • Initiated the first final design review using the PIP-II SEM process.


International Coordination (Steve Holmes & Lia Merminga):

  • DAE Labs
    • Welding on SSR1 cavity S104 is complete at BARC. Following final machining, the dressed cavity will be shipped to Fermilab.
    • HB650 single-cell cavity at RRCAT has gone through first N2-doping process. Now in preparation for VTS in mid-June.
  • INFN
    • Met with INFN Technical Coordinator Carlo Pagani in Rome to coordinate development of the Project Planning Document for the INFN In-kind contributions to PIP-II.


SRF & Cryo Systems (Genfa Wu):


  • HWR CM Production
    • FNAL and ANL staff met on 6/1 on a possible accelerated HWR delivery date. Progress was made and the HWR schedule could be reasonably accelerated.
  • HWR Integrated Cold Test with Fundamental Power Coupler (FPC)
    • ANL completed the HWR #5 with FPC high power qualification test according to the Minimal Acceptance Criteria. FPC #5 thermal intercepts temperatures did not exceed the nominal parameters, the cold antenna passed successfully a visual inspection after the test. Based on the test results, the FPC #5 is qualified for the HWR CM assembly.
    • The HWR #4 with FPC qualification test is ongoing.
    • ANL is working on a Formal Test Report document for previous and future HWR tests.


  • SSR1 Cavities, coupler and tuners
    • S106 test with low power coupler was completed. Cavity suffered strong field emission. It will be re-HPR’d.
    • S109 test with low power coupler is in progress.
  • SSR1 Cryomodule
    • No new cavity qualified this week. Three cavities with high power coupler are ready for string assembly. S1H-NR-112, S1H-NR-113 and S1H-NR-107.
    • Current leads prototype majority of parts are on hand. Prototyping is waiting for one last material (Epoxy).


  • Package for procurement of Nb for prototype cavities (qty 2) being prepared.
  • 5-cell beta=0.90 cavity B9A-AES-010 dressing mock up is in progress.
  • Coupler clean room tooling parts are being ordered. The tooling is for the new design of the coupler which we have received. The goal is to develop and demonstrate the particle free assembly procedure.

Cryogenics Plant

  • Preliminary sizing of GHe and LHe storage completed. Brief engineering note will be written summarizing results.
  • Compiled a list of PDR deliverables.
  • Met with CF Manager about Cryoplant Building layout, water requirements and position relative to linac.
  • Gathering information for RLS development.


Accelerator Systems (Paul Derwent):

High Power RF

  • Editing of testing procedures for 40kW, 650 MHz RRCAT power amplifiers continues.
  • Requisitions for 650 MHz coupler test stand RF distribution have been approved by PIP-II management, awaiting purchase order.
  • Interface information for 650 MHz STC upgrade input couplers received from STC designers; STC RF distribution design can be completed.

Low Level RF

  • Procurement for STC 650 MHz coupler test stand underway.

Magnets/Power Supplies

  • Meetings with TD magnet engineers continue on preliminary design, with new ideas on how to best approach the more technically challenging specialty magnets in the Beam Transfer line.

Safety Systems

  • Preliminary ODH assessment of the PIP2IT enclosure is complete, with necessary hardware specified – four oxygen monitoring cells, one audio warning horn, four strobe lights, and a two-speed intake fan.


Linac Installation & Commissioning (Fernanda G. Garcia):

Warm Front End / PIP2IT:

  • PIP2IT operations were shut down on May 29th as planned to begin activities associated with the cave extension and preparation for the cryo transfer line installation.
  • Group dedicated this week to work on data analysis, scientific paper preparation and CD-2/3a documentation.
  • In addition, a final design review for the 200-ohm kicker preparation took place.

Test Infrastructure:

  • PIP2IT Cryogenic Transfer Line
    • With the long shutdown of PIP2IT, operations activities associated with the cave extension began.
    • With the release of the T&M rigging procurement, the north section of the transfer line that runs outside the PIP2IT cave installation date was set for June 8.


Conventional Facilities (Steve Dixon):

  • Received draft geotechnical investigation report for review and comments.
  • Purchase order issued for first phase of the Cryo Plant Building design.
  • Continued updating Basis of Estimate documents with FY18 cost estimates.
  • Coordination meetings held with Cryo subproject and Linac Installation and Commissioning.