PIP-II report for April 13, 2018


  • Qualified first SSR1 cavity with high power RF coupler and tuner at STC.
  • The PO for the Site Prep package has been signed by the A/E (Gensler). Official kick-off meeting is expected before the end of the month.
  • PIP-II Technical Workshop with CEA/CNRS-IN2P3 France took place at Fermilab on April 9.
  • PIP-II team visited ANL, toured SRF facilities, discussed progress on HWR cryomodule assembly.
  • Held CD-2/3a kickoff meeting on April 6.

ESH&Q (Teri Dykhuis, John Anderson)

  • The Wetland Non-Jurisdictional Determination is in progress but temporarily on hold until the review with the USACE returns in mid-April from a 45-day tour.
  • The Environmental Assessment is proceeding well. Below are accomplishments so far. Completion, including FONSI is expected by the end of CY2018.
    • Internal Scoping Meeting held on 2/3/18
    • Bi-weekly conference calls held on 2/21/18, 3/7/18, 3/21/18, and 4/4/18
    • Fermilab provided considerable data to Arcadis to prepare EA
    • NEPA Team Charter finalized and distributed on 3/21/18
    • Arcadis submitted rough draft of Purpose and Need Statement
    • Arcadis submitted rough draft of Proposed Action
    • Arcadis submitted Alternatives that were screened out by Project
    • Arcadis submitted Draft Standard Environmental Protection Measures
    • Arcadis provided with 2017 Bat Survey
    • Arcadis provided with Fermilab’s ELM Plan
    • Draft list of projects was provided for Cumulative Impact Analysis
    • Consultation started with IDNR and USFWS regarding threatened and endangered species (Osprey and Rusty-Patched Bumble Bee)

Project Management (Marc Kaducak)

  • Project Controls Manager Position is posted here.
  • Procurement Manager job description is under review by Procurement Department.
  • Project Management group created a new summary schedule format in conjunction with FPD (Adam).

Technical Integration (Arkadiy Klebaner)

  • Finalizing development of the Systems Engineering Management Plan and Design Reviews Plan
  • Working with L2 managers to define CD2 Design Readiness Plan
  • Started development of Design Deliverables Document for CD2
  • Requirements Verification and Interface Control Documents work proceeding;
  • Started development of the outline for the Preliminary Design Report

International Coordination (Steve Holmes, Lia Merminga)

  • Workshop with French agencies outlined possibilities for construction deliverables and process for moving forward.
  • Annex-II covering Indian participation in LBNF/DUNE signed in New Delhi by U.S. Secretary of Energy and Indian Secretary of Atomic Energy
  • Updated list of SPM assignments drafted, and to be finalized/transmitted to DAE week of April 16.

SRF and Cryo Systems (Allan Rowe, Genfa Wu)


  • Visited ANL to discuss HWR progress. 8/9 cavities (photos) are fabricated.
  • Photo on the left is of ANL team Zack Conway and Mike Kelly (middle) with Arkadiy Klebaner and Genfa Wu from FNAL. Second photo shows completed dressed HWR cavities.

dressed cavities


  • Qualified SSR1 cavity S112 with high power RF coupler and tuner at STC (see graph)
  • Began room temperature processing of two CPI high power RF couplers.
  • Installed and began low-power testing of S113 at STC.

SSR1 Qplot


  • IIFC Collaborator presented B.061 dressed cavity mechanical analysis. Results indicate design improvement required to withstand specific loading conditions at room temperature.

cavity drawing

cavity section drawing


    • Progressed on the reconfiguration of the MP9 Glove Box for 650 MHz cavity dressing.

  • Performed EP on B9A-RRCAT-301 single cell cavity at ANL for IIFC collaborator.
  • Re-tested five-cell B0.90 cavity B9A-AES-008 to determine quench locations.

Cryogenics Plant

  • Met with ESH&Q staff to discuss Cryoplant Building (CPB) ODH assessment need by dates
  • Scheduled meeting with Conventional Facilities (CF) Manager to discuss CPB room data sheets (RDS) and Technical Requirements Specification (TRS)
  • Reviewed and responded to BARC CP technical evaluation. Asked BARC to request vendors for additional information: 1. 20% increase in 2K capacity, upgrade path and associated cost proposal. 2. T-S diagram for 2K capacity of cryoplant with no shields flow.
  • Reviewed ICD requirements

Cryogenics Distribution System

  • Working on interface control document for the CDS.
  • Opened dialogue with ESS (European Spallation Source) colleagues to understand the ESS cryogenic distribution system design and requirements. The ESS CDS is very similar to the proposed PIP-II CDS design utilizing individual bayonet cans for interfacing to cryomodules.

Linac Installation and Commissioning (Fernanda G. Garcia)


  • PIP2IT Radio Frequency vacuum bursts investigation continued this week and evidence of Helium capture around pumping port blank-off plates was found. Current hypothesis is that both tuner and pumping ports are contributing to the vacuum bursts.
  • Work is progressing on construction of the walls for the PIP2IT cave extension, and the cryogenic distribution piping (CDS) that runs outside the PIP2IT cave is being welded and prepared for installation (see attached pictures).

PIP2IT cave

PIP2IT cave view

Conventional Facilities (Steve Dixon)

  • Soil Boring Field Work – The preliminary soil borings were received and reviewed by the A/E (Gensler). One boring was drilled to 35 feet and was intended to be drilled to 55 feet. The drilling company will return to extend the boring to the design depth. It is expected to take one day to complete. This may delay the final geotechnical investigation report, but shouldn’t impact the start of the design of the Site Prep work.
  • Site Prep Design – The PO for the Site Prep package was sent to the A/E and they have returned it with their signatures. Official kick-off meeting is expected before the end of the month.
  • A/E Acquisition Plan at DOE for Review – The acquisition plan for the A/E re-compete was reviewed by Purchasing and, after corrections, sent to DOE on April 12, 2018.
  • VE Workshop Evaluations Being Reviewed – We have received the draft results from the A/E on the cost/schedule evaluations from the VE workshop and have started to review them. FESS is also reviewing.
  • Completed P2MAC Recommendations Response.