Highlights: PIP-II risk workshop scheduled for July 12-13, 2018. Initiated first final design review using the PIP-II Systems Engineering Management process. Purchase order issued for first phase of the Cryo Plant Building design. Received draft geotechnical investigation report for review.   ESH&Q (Teri Dykhuis & John Anderson): Response is expected imminently from the USACOE on… More »

Highlights: Last week of PIP2IT operations – Maximum parameters achieved: 5mA, 24 msec at 20 Hz. First collaboration meeting with INP Orsay on SSR2 cavity development. Three SSR1 cavities with high power coupler are ready for string assembly. Site Prep Coordination Meeting was held.   Project Management (Marc Kaducak): We are reviewing resumes for the… More »

Highlights: SSR1 dressed cavity S103 welding completed at BARC. HWR integrated cold test with high power coupler reached 5 kW in CW mode. Two SSR1 cavities with high power couplers are ready for string assembly. Cryogenics team visited ESS to discuss cryoplant and cryogenics distribution system.   ESH&Q (Teri Dykhuis & John Anderson): Ongoing communication… More »

  Highlights: First beam profile measurements at PIP2IT with prototype wire scanner. Completed Design Readiness Plan and Design Deliverables Document for CD-2. Held first weekly meeting with the FNAL procurement department. PIP-II All Hands meeting was held on May 11, 2018. Top 5: http://news.fnal.gov/2018/05/from-pip-ii-project-director-lia-merminga-pip-iis-top-five/   Project Management (Marc Kaducak): Held our first weekly meeting with… More »

Highlights: A kick-off meeting for the design of the Site Preparation work was held on May 3, 2018. Held first PIP-II ESH focused IPT meeting this week with focus on international code equivalencies and contributions from in-kind partners. Defined top-level structure for PIP-II CAD model as the format for incoming lattice data. A wire scanner… More »

Highlights The Governor General of Canada, Her Excellency Julie Payette, visited PIP2IT on April 26th. David Longuevergne has been appointed as the IPNO Technical Coordinator. Initiated preliminary design cycle for transfer line dipoles and quadrupoles. Interface Control Documents are being created for HWR, Cryo Plant, Cryo Distribution System, Conventional Facilities. Cryo Plant Building Requirements Proposal… More »

Highlights ANL successfully qualified HWR cavity #3. Qualified SSR1 cavities S113 and S114 with low power RF coupler at STC. PIP2IT continues to increase beam power (now at 3.5 ms, 5mA, 20 Hz); construction of the east wall of cave was completed, preparing for cryo transfer line piping; facility was visited by Steve Binkley on… More »

Highlights Qualified first SSR1 cavity with high power RF coupler and tuner at STC. The PO for the Site Prep package has been signed by the A/E (Gensler). Official kick-off meeting is expected before the end of the month. PIP-II Technical Workshop with CEA/CNRS-IN2P3 France took place at Fermilab on April 9. PIP-II team visited… More »