PIP-II Technical Board

PIP-II Technical Board Charter

   The Technical Board has the primary responsibility for the technical configuration of PIP-II. Initially this configuration is defined through the Reference Design Report, and the set of Functional Requirements Specifications and Technical Requirements Specifications for the various systems, subsystems, and components comprising PIP-II. Ultimately the baseline configuration will be defined in documentation supporting CD-2.

   Any change to the PIP-II technical configuration will be reviewed by the Technical Board. The Technical Board will provide advice to the PIP-II Project Scientist concerning proposed changes to the configuration.

   The Technical Board will be comprised of a range of technical experts knowledgeable in all aspects of the project, drawn from the PIP-II Collaboration. The PIP-II Project Scientist will serve as chair of the Technical Board.

PIP-II Technical Board


  1. Brian Chase 

  2. Paul Derwent

  3. Joe Dey
  4. Fernanda Garcia 

  5. Steve Holmes

  6. Timergali Khabiboulline

  7. Arkadiy Klebaner

  8. Ioanis Kourbanis

  9. Valeri Lebedev  - chair

  10. Don Mitchell

  11. Shekhar Mishra

  12. Sasha Shemyakin

  13. Jim Steimel

  14. Slava Yakovlev

Other Labs

15. Vinit Kumar, RRCAT

16.  Gopal Joshi, BARC  

17.  Peter Ostroumov - ANL

Meetings of PIP-II Technical Board

December 7, 2015


  1. Introduction, V. Lebedev (.pdf)
  2. Transfer Line options optics, A. Vivoli (PIP-II Document 45 )      
  3. Accommodating Future Expansion Main Ring/Transport Line Crossing,, S. Dixon (PIP-II Document 42)

         Minutes of the meeting

         Concluding memorandum



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