PIP-II Technical Board Minutes


V. Lebedev –

·         Purpose of group to review and approve PIP-II functional/technical requirements.

·         Mondays at 8:00am works well with most of group and remote Indian colleagues.

·         Next meeting will be SRF related.  Still waiting to understand scope of discussion.

A. Vivoli –

·         Presented, “Transfer Line Option Optics”.

·         Dump line was moved from previous version to accommodate beam line construction.

o   Needed a path for equipment transport through line.

·         Transfer line to Mu2e will cross MI-8 line but at higher altitude than existing line.

·         There is an unused beam line in the area which may complicate civil construction.

·         Need 8’ clearance for safe head room under magnets (not 7’ as shown in drawing).

·         Is 5m vertical dispersion acceptable?

o   Maximum horizontal dispersion is equal and aperture is round.

o   Will complicate beam line tuning from operations perspective.

·         Lattice of PIP-II beam line that goes over MR enclosure is more complicated.  No perceived operational advantages to single enclosure option.

S. Dixon –

·         We will need to pull out part of the MR tunnel to install Mu2e transfer line.

·         MR enclosure hoops at transfer line crossing will be removed and replaced.

·         There were no real disadvantages pointed out to raising PIP-II beam height to go over MR without four bump.

·         We should discuss possible modifications to SY line for better access.  SY components will need to be removed and replaced for construction regardless.

·         Where will cooling water for SY components come from after cooling ponds are removed for PIP-II construction?

·         We are entering new operational paradigm where downstream experiment maintenance will affect overall facility operation.

·         Still need to clean up utility distribution model to expose possible space limitations around crossing.

       Meeting conclusions